Pyrography Project

Pyrography Project

For Throwback Thursday, I’m revisiting my first Pyrography project. Pyrography is a great medium to step out of your comfort zone with, as well as good practice for building a steady hand. It’s amazing to see what you can discover about yourself through experimentation with different mediums. Roughly 4-5 hours. Solid-point burner and wood slab.

16 thoughts on “Pyrography Project

  1. Ooo, great job! Haven’t tried pyrography, but I’ve been doing some stencil cutting. Uses a heated cutter and, similarly, requires gentle coordination and precision.

    • I highly recommend it, the smell of smoking wood alone is quite therapeutic. After the initial pencil drawing, I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me, but like every other medium it’s just a matter of patience. Once you know how much pressure to apply with your strokes, you’re well on your way.

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