Time Lapse Sketch

I put my pocket sketchbook to use. This sketch took me about an hour and a half to finish and was condensed into video that is a little more than 2 minutes.

22 thoughts on “Time Lapse Sketch

  1. That’s interesting, do you start off sketching the image in green or is that a tint to the video? Also, is that a pen or brush that you use for the lighter shading?

    • Thanks, Cez. I started the sketch with an erasable blue colored pencil, works very well if you have messy sketch lines but want to go straight to inks. I used a fine sharpie pen for outlining, and tombow brush pens for the shading.

      • It works well. I’ve never had any training or anything and only just started sketching using different pencils about a year ago, so It’s always nice to see how other people draw and with what tools.

  2. Hey, just saying that I really enjoyed watching this. I have been trying to do time lapse videos too. I have a youtube account .. just haven’t figured this stuff out yet. I was going to do a few portraits or even some “how to ” stuff. idk. 🙂

    • Thanks Amanda, I appreciate it. I recommend it. It’s a great way to track your own progress. Plus, it’s be great to look back a couple of years from now and see how you’ve grown as an artist.

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