Live Painting

Live Painting

Some process shots from a live painting during a Pinche event last week at Fulton 55 in Fresno, CA. The theme for the show was South American Culture. This was my take on a Peruvian curandero and I wish I was able to get a more clear picture of the end result but the lighting was a little dark. I had a great time interacting with some wonderful people. I had about 4 hours to paint with Acrylic on a 4’x6′ piece of plywood.

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    • Thank you for the amazing, kind words.They are very much appreciated. I wanted to capture an organic, lively mood by using more tone and light, and less of the line work that I usually incorporate into my work. Ironically, as the night was ending and I looked top to bottom for any spots I missed, I overlooked the one eye. I would like to think it’d look better complete, but I suppose somethings happen for a reason. Thanks, again!

    • Thank you for the amazing, kinds words. I try to bring life into whatever character I’m working on. Whether they are accurate in the end or not, as long as it looks like the image in your head you’re in the right track.

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