Live Drawing

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I had the pleasure of joining EBAD during their amazing set for Reggae To Restore Warnors at Frank’s Place in Fresno, Ca. The theme for the night was Reggae/Ska music, so I created some artwork based around the theme. Watercolor was painted before the show, and line detail completed during.

“Spiritual Queen”


Watercolor, brush markers and charcoal.

30 Minutes

4 thoughts on “Live Drawing

    • Thanks, Keke! All the inks were complete during the bands 30 minute set. The piece was for a charity event and I knew I wouldn’t have too much time to work on it during the show, so I added some light washes the night before to give it some color which took about 20 minutes.
      I have my fiance to thank for the photos, she never catches my bad side. 🙂

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