We Will Have Our Revenge



20″ x 24″

Acrylic On Canvas

This Piece will be on display at Fresno Arthouse for the Star Wars Artshow.

Mail Art

Finally sending out some awaited mail art. I appreciate your patience, folks!


Live Drawing

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I had the pleasure of joining EBAD during their amazing set for Reggae To Restore Warnors at Frank’s Place in Fresno, Ca. The theme for the night was Reggae/Ska music, so I created some artwork based around the theme. Watercolor was painted before the show, and line detail completed during.

“Spiritual Queen”


Watercolor, brush markers and charcoal.

30 Minutes

Third Eye

Third Eye

11”x14”- Mixed Media
I realized It had been a while since I had used any chalk pastels in any of my work, so I decided to dust them off and put them to use. The final product is not perfect, but definitely a step in the right direction.