For the past several days, I’ve had this idea in mind but hadn’t found the time to get it. As of now, progress is slow but at least there’s now a sense of direction.

“Do it live!”

Progress during a live painting session at the Fresno Hip Hop Showcase at Fulton 55. Had a great time meeting new folks, as well as working a few hours on the 4’x4′ board before calling it a night.


La Rana


“The Frog”
8″ X 11″
Mixed Media

One of three pieces I’ll be displaying at Fulton 55 in Fresno for “Dulceria De Muertos” October 25th. Ill be displaying some new work on display, along with other talented local artists inspired by the Loteria card game. Live music, live performances, and more. Details can be found at
There is a vague Alice in Chains reference in there somewhere..